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Large excavators or small excavators, whether domestic excavators or imported excavators, Xiaobian believes that reasonable maintenance of excavators can improve the service life of excavators, reduce the incidence of failure and improve work efficiency. No matter what kind of excavators, they need maintenance in order to use for a long time. Therefore, the maintenance work of excavators is very important and can not be ignored.
Specific methods include the following aspects
(1) Much attention should be paid to the excavator, more attention should be paid to the maintenance manual, to understand the basic situation of the excavator, to have a more in-depth understanding of the type and performance of the excavator, and to quantify the daily maintenance knowledge.
(2) Frequently check and replace the space filter. If the air filter has a lot of ash, when free, remove it and pat it with your hands. After several pats, blow it moderately. More blowing will break the filter paper.
(3) oil can be replaced by thickening oil.
(4) maintain the hydraulic system of the excavator, and the local leakage of the hydraulic system must be dealt with in time.
(5) We should carefully check whether the rubber hose of the heat dissipation system is aging and fractured. If so, we should replace the new hose in time and use it safely. These places are more prone to problems in winter. Water tank is best to heat water every day to start the engine better, but we must pay attention not to forget to drain water, not to burn the water dry, if in winter, need to add antifreeze, because in winter is particularly cold, adding antifreeze is easier to start the engine, without delaying work.
Problems to be noted for long time storage of excavators are:
(1) The placement and placement of the extended arm excavator at the airport should ensure that the entry and exit of any machine are not affected by other machines.
(2) parking in a dry room. If there is no large indoor space, you can choose to park outdoors, but require the ground to be flat and covered with boards, in order to avoid rain and sunshine, it is best to cover with a cloth.
(3) Before long-term storage, the machine must be protected, damaged parts corrected, and completely sorted out, insisting on outstanding skills.
(4) the mechanical fuel control rod should be placed at idle speed and the joystick should be placed in the neutral position.
(5) rust treatment. (1) Before deposit, the size of the falling area of the surface antirust paint should be used to determine whether it is repaired by repairing paint or by spraying paint from scratch on the whole machine. (2) The anti-rust method of construction machinery operating equipment, such as ironing plate of paver, bucket of loader, scraper of grader, etc., is to modify butter.
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